Phocion Helps Open Door To GIPS® Verification Services At CRC

GIPS-verificationThrough our strategic agreement with Phocion Investment Services (Phocion), Compliance Risk Concepts ‎(CRC) is proud to offer GIPS® Verification Services to existing and prospective clients.

The intention of GIPS® Verification is to provide existing and prospective clients with additional credibility that the investment firm adheres to industry best performance practices. GIPS® is formulated and maintained under the guise of the CFA Institute. Its collection of requirements when properly implemented ensures that operations and published returns are highly comparable among adherents. According to GIPS®, investment firms can claim compliance without verification but greater confidence can be achieved when firms decide to get verified from an independent third party knowledgeable in Performance and the GIPS® standards. Firms that follow GIPS® benefit from the following:

  • Symbolism adds integrity to the firm (Being GIPS® Compliant is attractive to potential clients/investors)
  • Improve knowledge of performance measurement team
  • Enhanced quality of performance marketing in presentations
  • Added rigor to internal performance processes
  • Ensures fair and full disclosure of investment performance‎
  • Being GIPS® Compliant is attractive to potential clients/investors

Phocion Founder, Ioannis Segounis, stated: “Investment firms that claim adherence to GIPS® standards should be verified on an annual basis. The investment industry is a highly competitive one and every firm should seek to maximize its advantages. GIPS® Compliance is one step forward and having your firm verified is another, which allows your firm a better chance at competing and succeeding.”

Clients wishing to obtain more information about Phocion’s GIPS® Verification services should contact CRC at +1-(917) 281-2325.


About Phocion Investment Services

Phocion Investment Services provides the expertise, independence, and sophisticated tools that enable our clients to meet their performance, compliance and due diligence objectives. Our objective is to bring clarity to the complexities of the investment industry and to assist stakeholders in their investment decision processes. With our team’s proven track record and the firm’s core pillars of honesty, accountability, and excellence in service, we are the industry’s trusted partner in the investment process.