PaCE: Policy and Controls Environment

CRC furnishes sensible regulatory risk management services and support that achieve a comfortable balance between a client’s commercial interests and the critical need to withstand regulatory scrutiny.

In line with our ongoing efforts to provide innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions to our clients, we are extremely excited to introduce PaCE.

PaCE is a cloud-based compliance management documentation and reporting platform with superior scalability and security. PaCE automates and streamlines regulatory processes and compliance workflows for financial services companies in a careful, thoughtful and pragmatic manner.

Financial Services organizations often find themselves being priced out of good technology, further necessitating the ongoing maintenance and reliance on onerous, non-scalable and redundant manual processes. Not any more…
PaCE was created by Compliance Officers for Compliance Officers. CRC views PaCE as an industry disrupter, bringing all the necessary components of a sound and effective compliance and supervision program into a centralized, easily implemented and supported environment.

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