Pharmaceutical Compliance Consulting

The Challenge

Quite often, companies are not staffed with the appropriate resources to execute and fulfill their ongoing compliance requirements.   Understanding the current regulatory environment / regulatory expectations, the need to evidence and ensure the appropriate control environment is in place – is mission critical as it pertains to pharmaceutical consulting.  CRC provides training such as essential quality assurance, partnering with our Pharma clients to stay on top of the regulatory landscape, creating an efficient compliance support model that enables success.

Our Solutions for Pharma Compliance

• Developing, Standardizing or Harmonizing SOPs, policies and documents across functional areas
• Developing and Deploying Training content related to SOPS, policies and procedures, etc.
• Vendor Oversight – RFP Management
• Risk Assessments specific to documentation, systems, policies and procedures

Common Services Our Consultants Provide

• Regulatory Mapping
• Policy Management
• Code of Ethics Drafting, Revision and Training
• Regulatory Intelligence Workflow
• Fraud Detection & Investigation
• Customized Compliance Training and Deployment
• Compliance Risk Assessments

At Compliance Risk Concepts, we provide clients with the critical skills and expertise required to establish, maintain and enhance a balanced and effective compliance operational risk management program. Contact us for more information on how we can provide pharmaceutical compliance consulting for your organization.