Retail Industry Compliance

The Challenge

Retail businesses, ranging from traditional brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants, clothing retailers, etc. are faced with discrete compliance requirements that require the appropriate attention and ownership from senior management within these organizations.   Failure to follow applicable compliance requirements can lead to financial losses and more importantly – irreparable reputational risk.  CRC partners with our clients to ensure appropriate risk management and fraud mitigation strategies are implemented and executed – creating an effective long term, sustainable retail compliance program.

Our Solutions to Overcome Fraud Mitigation & Gain Retail Compliance

Code of Ethics Drafting, Revision and Training
• Culture Assessments / Surveys / Recommendations
• Customized Training Development and Deployment: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act / UK Bribery Act, Etc.
• Communications Strategies – Social Media, Print, Face-To-Face Meetings, Etc.

At Compliance Risk Concepts, we provide clients with the critical skills and expertise required to establish, maintain and enhance a balanced and effective compliance operational risk management program. Contact us for more information on how we can provide retail industry compliance consulting services for your organization.