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Are you Insecure? – The First Step is Acknowledging You Need Help!

Are you Insecure? – The First Step is Acknowledging You Need Help!

Mitch Avnet
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July 26, 2013

As members of the Financial Services Industry, we find ourselves in the position of having an inordinate amount of confidential information at our disposal. Given the overwhelming regulatory scrutiny we are under, failure to adhere to regulatory requirements can lead to fines, sanctions and reputation risk / damage. More importantly, data breaches can lead to irreparable damage to our clients and counterparties. Now, more than ever – it’s imperative that we ensure documentation messaging and communications are as secure as they can be.

Attention: Hedge Fund Managers

The push to fortify compliance procedures and reporting transparency is more critical than ever. Hedge Fund Managers are challenged by evolving compliance requirements and finding themselves in need of a two way secure and encrypted solution that enables the following:
• Delivery of accurate asset performance under management
• Delivery investment strategy information packets
• Performance of audit checks & balances on qualified investors
• Customized ad-hoc reporting throughout the communication lifecycle
• Digital traceability of messaging records
• Tamper proofing of authorized parties

Want to Learn More? – Compliance Risk Concepts Can Help!

To learn more about an exciting e-delivery tool with public-key infrastructure (PKI) that enables all of the above, please contact us.

Upon receiving your contact information, we will follow-up and schedule a quick introductory call to discuss this exciting technology and the services Compliance Risk Concepts provides to help address the needs of the Hedge Fund community.



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