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Content is King! At CRC, we aim to provide our “followers” with critical and timely information in a very straightforward and practical manner. We don’t believe in the regurgitation of regulatory changes and hot topics. Our goal is to provide insight and guidance as to how each Client can approach their compliance program in a strategic and thoughtful manner, enabling long term sustainable success.
Mitch Invites You Behind The Scenes

Look behind the scenes at how Mitch Avnet and his team are developing business cases to substantiate investments in Compliance technology.

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Are you Insecure? – The First Step is Acknowledging You Need Help!

As members of the Financial Services Industry, we find ourselves in the position of having an inordinate amount of confidential information at our disposal...

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SUMMARY :: Dodd-Frank Trade Reconstruction Roundtable

Summary:  Dodd-Frank Trade Reconstruction Expert Panel INTRODUCTION On June 5th, 2014, Bloomberg Vault and Compliance Risk Concepts (“CRC”) hosted a special roundtable at Bloomberg’s New York headquarters specific to the Commodity Futures Trade Commission’s (“CFTC”) Trade Reconstruction Requirements for swap entities.   The event was attended by senior compliance executives and financial services firms representing nearly […]

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Don’t Hate – Automate!

Compliance, Operational and Financial Risk teams face complex challenges in creating appropriate “control” environments. Many factors impact and influence our ability to provide valuable oversight and insight to the discrete risks we face daily. These include: ✓ Increasing transactional volumes ✓ Required transactional data existing on numerous platforms and systems ✓ Inconsistent data formats ✓ […]

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Mitch Avnet
A Note from Mitch Avnet

One of the primary drivers for Compliance Risk Concepts (CRC) is to raise the awareness level and thought process related to real world compliance and risk issues in a “down to earth,” realistic and relatable way. Our goal is to help our clients, prospects and readers decipher the challenges faced by compliance and risk professionals […]

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Thomson Reuters partnership

CRC partners with Thomson Reuters, the world's leading source of intelligent information. This is one of CRC's many successful, strategic partnerships. To learn more, visit our Partners page.

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What's the Big Deal about Big Data?

When I first heard the term "Big Data" a few years ago, I immediately thought it was some industry "jargon" and didn't pay much attention to it. In fact, the more I heard the subject of Big Data being raised, I would equate it to a comedic sketch conjured up on a Seinfeld episode – […]

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EGRC Solutions or Snake Oil ?

Beware of "Snake Oil Salesmen" As is the case with any growing industry sector, the opportunity to provide support and services to organizations in need will draw new entrants to the market. A significant number of technology service providers have emerged in the EGRC space. Determining the best fit for your organization can be a […]

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SEC 2013 Exam Priorities Announced...

Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management are high on the list. Read More.

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Developing Metrics

The ability for Compliance Departments to effectively monitor, measure program effectiveness and provide impactful analysis / reporting is more critical than ever. Being tasked with these requirements has proven to be an extremely burdensome undertaking for most organizations. This is due to the fact that the information needed to provide metrics often exists across multiple […]

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