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CRC-TV Sold with Jim Ryan

CRC-TV Sold with Jim Ryan

Sold with Jim Ryan. In this episode of CRC-TV, we hit the streets of NYC with Jim Ryan, Director of Business Development at Compliance Risk Concepts discuss the art of sales and what he will be bringing to the CRC team. #CRCTV

CRC-TV Presents “SOLD” with Jim Ryan
Directed by Dillon Avnet and Ethan Conway
Written by Dillon Avnet
Edited by Ethan Conway
Cinematography Ethan Conway

What is CRC-TV? Always ahead of the curve, Compliance Risk Concepts explores the endless opportunities of Compliance and Video with CRC-TV- a refreshing look at compliance through a fun and creative lens. To stay in the know of upcoming CRC-TV episodes, click subscribe on YouTube or visit: and learn how VIDEO MADE THE COMPLIANCE STAR!!!

Transcript: CRC TV – “Explore the Endless Opportunities of Compliance and Video”[Music]

So how did I get into sales? I found myself unemployed for an extended period of time and I was pursuing an opportunity in marketing for a company in the space that CRC is in, but in the technology kind of delivery. So during this interview process I interviewed with everybody within the company and this went on for six months and I can never get the offer. So I was getting very frustrated and it was a marketing position. One day I get the CEO of the company on the phone, and I said “Hey John, are you ever going to offer me a position? and he said to me, he goes “You’re the most persistent bastard I’ve ever met in my life, do you want to go into the sales?” and at that point I said “John, I’ll do anything right now, just give me the opportunity” and he did. And so, you know, he had this belief in me that I didn’t even have a myself. I had no idea that I could sell so I just kind of figured it out over time and I spent 16 years with that company, delivering multi-million dollars worth of value and $30 million worth of recurring revenue for them, so I think that worked out very well for both of us.[Music]

When is the appropriate time to sell to somebody? and it’s not on the first phone call, unless they’ve expressed a sincere like I need A, B, or C on their first email communication or phone call. The thing is you have to listen for those triggers and if you hear the triggers in the conversation, that’s when the opening is there to start selling whatever it is that they need. But until you hear those triggers, you’re not being invited in. There’s a lot of people that have different approaches to sales. My approach has always been relationship building. And do that by calling clients and not asking for anything. You want to learn about them, you want to learn about what is the things that keep them up at night, what is their pain and asking them questions. Hearing problems and a client if they need any clients to talk about them, so the things that may be successful there are the things I’m gonna leverage going forward with CRC, because CRC has a very unique, you know, value prop in the market, everybody here is a former compliance officer, Mitch was actually a client of mine. He helped me, helped my firm, close the biggest deal of my career so how did that work? I built a relationship with Mitch and we hit it off on discussions of music and things like that. It wasn’t me trying to get something from him, it was just creating a relationship where he trusted and valued me as a provider. Now in my position as the director of business development for CRC, what I have to do is translate that behavior into my new outreach to clients. That I’m going to pick up the phone, I’m gonna call clients, I’m gonna find out what’s going on with them, are there any pain points where our services can add value? And then position us whether it’s a small opportunity or a large opportunity. How am I going to do that? It’s going to be phone conversations, it’s going to be email marketing, that’s going to be social media, it’s going to be things like we’re doing right here so they can, you know, so we build that trust with them that they trust me even though I’m not a compliance officer like Mitch and the team here are, but I’ve been around long enough to know what ails them and I’ll be able to position the right solution for them.

People can sense when you care about them and I think that’s what most people want, they want either a vendor who cares for them or cares for their business. One of the things they don’t want is just another sales guy, you know, they don’t want somebody that’s gonna sell them the moon and deliver, you know, garbage to them. Look at that, got me a New York Street dog right here. Nothing like a New York Street dog. Word. That’s old school.[Music]

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