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CRC Among Top 25 Most Recommended Compliance Service Providers

CRC Among Top 25 Most Recommended Compliance Service Providers

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June 22, 2016

Compliance Risk Concepts is honored to be recognized by Enterprise Services Outlook (ES Outlook) as one of the top 25 Most Recommended Compliance Services Providers of 2016.

"Given that the market is swarming with compliance service providers, picking a particular agency is often a daunting exercise. ...the editorial team at ES Outlook has critically evaluated a slew of service providers based on their domain expertise," ES Outlook explains in 25 Most Recommended Compliance Services Providers 2016.

"CRC is one of these organizations, that have been able to deliver phenomenal results year-after-year and have already positioned themselves as the leading market players."

About ES Outlook

ES Outlook is a print magazine which provides a platform to thinkers, practitioners, strategists and visionaries in the Enterprise Services landscape.

The ES Outlook platform is uniquely positioned to let upcoming and promising enterprise services vendors showcase their innovative services. Sourcing professionals working for US corporations are in search for a one-stop resource that will help them keep track of new innovative offerings from service providers. Enterprise Services Outlook provides deeper information about outsourcing companies, makes available practical experiences and advice from their peers working in other reputed companies in the U.S. who have similar problems and keeps them abreast with important news, analysis and thought leadership in the services arena. Enterprise Services Outlook is that source which provides value to senior sourcing executives that shelf life of the magazine is forever.



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