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Implementing Your Compliance Technology Roadmap

Implementing Your Compliance Technology Roadmap

Mitch Avnet
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March 20, 2019

This is the fifth, and final in our series on Building a Business Case for Compliance Technology for Hearsay Systems. In this article, Mitch Avnet shares his thoughts on the final phase of implementation in your compliance strategy, and the important role a project manager or PM will play in the process.

Reaching the implementation stage of your compliance technology plan is a major accomplishment. It means you’ve successfully completed a gap analysis, drawn an implementation road map, decided on vendors and received the go-ahead from executive leadership. Congratulations! But don’t rest on your laurels just yet – the ultimate success of your project depends on some key factors during the final phase of implementation.

Good project management is critical

To ensure you can execute according to plan, you’ll need a strong project manager or PM team, depending on the size of your organization and complexity of your implementation. Some organizations have the bandwidth to manage a major project internally, others turn management over to an outside consultancy who works with the internal implementation team.

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