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Compliance Bulletin 01-14

Compliance Bulletin 01-14

Mitch Avnet
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January 20, 2014


Compliance Bulletin 01-14

Now more than ever, Investment Advisers must ensure they have regular and rigorous compliance programs in place to keep pace with industry requirements and expectations. The investment-adviser-bulletinSEC’s Compliance Program Initiative and 2014 Examination Priorities should serve as a “wake up call” to Investment Advisers.

As a former Chief Compliance Officer for a Fortune 200 Company, I understand these challenges and have created this bulletin as a “road map” / “checklist” for Investment Advisers to review and reconcile their respective controls, policies and procedures and discrete risk management activities.

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Thank you again for your interest in Compliance Risk Concepts.  Our ultimate goal is to evidence our overall credibility as a “go to” resource – and create long term value for our clients.

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