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The Case for Compliance Technology: Where’s the Problem?

The Case for Compliance Technology: Where’s the Problem?

Mitch Avnet
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December 21, 2018

This is the second of our series on Building a Business Case for Compliance Technology for Hearsay Systems. In this article, Mitch Avnet shares his solution to one of the most prevalent fundamental challenges firms face today, an over-reliance on manual, bifurcated and disparate processes. This over-reliance limits their ability to get a comprehensive, accurate view of their compliance risk in a timely manner. It seems that the fast pace of technology development and regulatory changes have led to loose ends in virtually every firm’s operation.

Trying to prove the case for investing in new technology for compliance’s sake is often an uphill battle. Unless your firm has experienced a catastrophic regulatory issue or emerged from an audit with a mandate to bring your processes into compliance, you’re likely to be met with a large dose of hesitancy.

After all, historically the compliance function has been seen as a cost center and not a very exciting one, at that. Most firms want to invest in revenue-generating projects rather than in a maintenance function that – for all its inefficiencies – seems to be working fine.

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