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Broker-Dealers: Is Your “Regulatory” House in Order?

Broker-Dealers: Is Your “Regulatory” House in Order?

Mitch Avnet
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August 19, 2013

CRC Service Spotlight: 3012 / 3130 Testing and Certification FINRA Annually, FINRA member broker-dealers are required to test and verify the adequacy of their supervisory program, and the CEO is required to certify their awareness of the program’s state.

But can your firm’s principal sign with confidence?

Regulators require a report for testing and verifying supervisory controls. With that said, here are two important questions every Broker-Dealer should be thinking about:

  1. Is your firm prepared to perform a critical review of key compliance and operational functions to the satisfaction of its CEO?
  2. Can your firm’s resources step far enough away from their duties long enough to assess them thoroughly and objectively?

Broker-Dealler An independent review by longstanding industry professionals is the most effective way to ascertain a program’s status. At CRC, we strive to do more than perform a review- we strive to partner. Our industry veterans not only provide key insights into what is required of your firm, but assist your firm in building a stronger program- one that your management and regulators can have confidence in. Let CRC help you turn your risk into reward.  



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