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The Compliance Services sector is a commoditized space. In order to succeed, we can’t merely “differentiate” – we must distinguish and separate ourselves from the pack. At CRC, we distinguish ourselves by our cost-consciousness, our technical expertise and our product/transactional knowledge. The result is best-in-class support and superior service levels. We are not a “check-the-box” service provider. Our support model is customized for each client relationship. See what our clients are saying about us!

Peace of Mind. That’s the feeling I get when I work with CRC. And peace of mind is priceless in this increasingly complex world of compliance. CRC is so thorough in its analysis of problems and opportunities, and the work they do is so professionally sound and accurate, that it leaves me the time to focus on other areas of my business that will positively benefit the bottom line. For over a decade, I have both worked directly with CRC, and also put my own clients in their care. I highly recommend their services

Derek Bruton

CRC has been an instrumental part of our firm’s stability and growth. As a fintech brokerage, our needs were constantly shifting and evolving. And CRC has been an incredible partner by providing specialized personnel, regulatory guidance, and as a strategic advisor as those needs arose. By providing ongoing, flexible resources for both short term and long term needs, CRC was able to help us reduce our headcount and overhead, while also covering all of our regulatory and license requirements."

Victor Wang

I have worked with the CRC team on numerous projects over the last 5 years.  Across the board, CRC are incredibly knowledgeable and commercial in their approach.  I am also consistently amazed at the wide range of knowledge and areas that they cover within the broker-dealer, RIA, and financial services sector as a whole. CRC is who I call first when I have an issue. Congratulations on 10 years!

Alan Arkin

The entire CRC team is a huge asset to me and our business. They are always available when something comes up and are equipped with a deep understanding of the laws and regulations. They are always ready to discuss business strategy and planning so we can avoid potential pitfalls. I look forward to working with them for the next 10 years!

Joseph Reigadas

Working with CRC has been a great experience. Their professionalism, commitment, and reliability have made this partnership genuinely outstanding. We really appreciate their hard work in helping us achieve our goals.

Leticia Gatto

Arta Finance has been working with CRC since before we named our company! CRC guided us through the RIA application process and has been an integral part of our team at all levels of the company. Their focus on building a healthy compliance environment at Arta and their keen knowledge of the regulatory landscape have been immensely helpful as Arta has grown. The team at CRC have been true partners from day one.

Dave Shapiro

Collaborating with the CRC Team is not just a pleasure; it's like having a trusted compliance partner by your side. Their expertise and seamless cooperation ensure a consistently positive working relationship with both MCO and our valued clients.”

Jeff Childs

We would not have been where we are today without the partnership and personal friendship CRC has generously provided us over the years. Their support, expertise, and care for who we are personally and professionally has helped define our service model to our own clients. CRC has been an integral extension of our firm from our initial vision to launch to where we are today. Congratulations on 10 years! We can’t thank you enough.

Don O’Hara

CRC has been instrumental in helping us navigate the regulatory universe. They've been patient, responsive and true partners in problem solving. As a startup, CRC has helped us approach registration economically, and with the right sequencing for our evolving platform.”

Craig Hine

I can’t say enough great things about our experience with CRC. We’re a consumer technology team who came to them with zero broker-dealer experience. Over the course of the next year they not only expertly navigated the FINRA NMA process but also helped us build our broker-dealer from the ground up while simultaneously giving our team a crash course in operating a broker-dealer. Today, as we’ve moved from the application process to operations, we continue to rely on CRC’s experience and expertise on a daily basis.

Ben Gildin

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